MERINO Project

MERINO is MEridian ciRcle INternational Observation, a network of space weather monitoring along 120E/60W longitudes. 

Dynamics and coupling processes in the geospace system of the  magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere often exhibit complex  temporal and spatial characteristics. The meridian circle of 120E/60W  longitude spans across America and Asian longitude sectors which are of particular  geophysical interests arising from their distinctive and opposite  offsets associated with geomagnetic field configuration.  Space weather  and climate along the circle have demonstrated various important aspects of M. I. T. system science nature.   Further understanding the underlying sciences driving vertical coupling from low to upper atmosphere layers under the influence of solar-terrestrial processes and horizontal (latiduinal and longidutinal) variability requires dedicated and coordinated observations.

MERINO is a space sceince community effort. Researchers from National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China), Haystack Observatory of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), and others in the community initiated the project, following a proposal developed during the 2011 Sanya Workshop of International Meridian Project.

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